2018/2019 International manifestation Robot Love on the relationship between robots and human beings in Eindhoven. Issues among others: Robot rights with the European Forum for Robot Rights, initiated by prof. Giep Hagoort, chairman of ERTNAM. Information:

2017/2018 Program Management of Art Education, City of Moscow. Contributions by ERTNAM team members Prof. Giep Hagoort, Mr. Rene Kooyman MAS (UNITAR), Dr. Johan Kolsteeg (Groningen University), Mrs. Vera de Jong MA on art management and cultural entrepreneurship.   Information:

2017 October 25 Crossovers and the role of designers
Panel discussion about the strategic role of designers in crossover projects at the DRIVE Design
& Research Festival in NL-Eindhoven.
Hosted by Amsterdam University,  Battle of the Souls, Rotterdam School of Management,
Erasmus University. Participation by Vera de Jong. Contact:


2017 October 2/3/4 Conversations on libraries and innovation in the UK (Chester, Manchester, Exeter), Presentation by Prof. Giep Hagoort (ERTNAM) and Mrs. Astrid Vrolijk-De Mooy MA (director Stadskamer/bibliotheek Zwolle). Contact: Astrid Vrolijk-de Mooij,

2017 September 16/17 Smart Cityness Conference in Cagliari (Italy). Speech by prof. Giep Hagoort, chairman of ERTNAM,

2017 June 19/23 Cooperation-atelier. A Utrecht summerschool for Dutch speaking professionals. With the support of Province of Utrecht, Economic Board Utrecht, Rabobank Utrecht,, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, SWK Creative Locations, Casco Art Institute for the Commons, USBO/Utrecht University, Education/HU, Amsterdam School of Management, ERTNAM, among others, With key notes by Erik Uitenbogaard and prof. Giep Hagoort. (Organization and information: Cartesius Museum (  

2017 May 19-23 Presentation of the Sardinian Cultural Management Programme in Cagliari (Italy). A combined program with lectures, field trips, roundtables and consultancy, initiated by Lucia Argiolas (SHA) and prof. Giep Hagoort (chairman of ERTNAM)

2017 March 26 Presentation of Give robots right to vote, a summary version of an essay written by Giep Hagoort. Click here for your personal copy.

2016 December 2/3 Presentation of COOPERATE The creative Normal, 14th ELIA Biennial conference TURN MIRROWS INTO WINDOWS, at Florence  Information on the conference:

2016, November 17/19 Lectures and workshops on art management, cultural entrepreneurship and creative cooperation. Presentation of COOPERATE The creative Normal, Lasalle College Singapore by Giep Hagoort, professor em art and economics at Utrecht University/HKU, chairman ERTNAM. At the Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. Information:

2016, September 27 Presentation of the book COOPERATE The Creative Normal, initiated by ERTNAM.

On a new quality standard of cooperative ways of working. With contributions from Annelies van der Horst, Annick Schramme, Astrid Elburg, Astrid Vrolijk – De Mooij, Bart van Rosmalen, Davey Schreurs, Erik Uitenbogaard, Gerardo Neugovsen, Harm van den Heiligenberg, Ian W. King, Johan Kolsteeg, Karel Janssen, Maureen Baas, Nelly van der Geest, Paul van Amerom, Peter Westenberg, Rene Kooyman, Thera Jonker, Vera de Jong.

Concept and realization: Giep Hagoort, Editing: Rene Kooyman, Design: Erik Uitenbogaard, Support: Betty Kriekaard.

In cooperation with HKU, Province of Utrecht,, ASOM and Cartesius Museum, Eburon Academic Publishers. Click here for the writers’ list.

Contact for your personal copy (in English):  For more information of the book: Betty Kriekaard



2016, June 23/24 Research seminar on Creative Cooperation in Utrecht. Members of ERTNAM and their colleagues organize a research seminar on the conceptual frameworks and good practices how we can cooperate on a creative end sustainable base. Papers on cultural policy, Art Factories, creative living labs, partnerships between schools and cultural organisations and between art schools and foreign institutes among others will be presented. Teachers, practitioners and researchers who want to participate are very welcome. Please contact the office:

2015, December 3 Presentation of Thoughts on Create Malta 2020 by Giep Hagoort. Contribution to the Malta Five Years Creative Strategy. See for this text.

2015, October 1, Presentation of an essay on Cultural entrepreneurship in the 21st century. Written by Prof. Giep Hagoort, chairman ERTNAM. “Cultural entrepreneurship as an accepted academic body of knowledge, preparing the next step: Creative Cooperation.’ (for the essay click here)

2015, September 15, Presentation of the Duluth Manifesto on Creative EntrepreneurshipA closing statement from the Duluth Conference, June 10-12, 2015  on education on cultural entrepreneurship, signed by Giep Hagoort (ERTNAM, ASOM) and Rene Kooyman (ERTNAM, UNITAR) among others.

For more information:,

2015, August 12, Seminar Cultural Spaces – Learning from the Challenges, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, organized by FGV and DutchCulture.

Key note: Giep Hagoort
For more information:


2015, August 10-11, Workshop Museum Management, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, organized by FGV and DutchCulture
Supervision: Giep Hagoort
For more information:


2015, July 3, Cultural Policy Debat on Cultural entrepreneurship, organized by Encatc, Brussels.
Key note: Giep Hagoort
For more information:


2015, June 10-12, First International conference on Teaching and Learning Cultural Entrepreneurship in the USA:
A global comparative analysis of educational strategies and program content
in university – and community-based education
for the cultural and creative industries.
Host: College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota Duluth, USA.
With: Giep Hagoort, opening key note speaker, member of the Academic Board, and Rene Kooyman member of the Conference Committee
For more information:


2015, June 11, Presentation of the book Creating Cultural Capital, no. 3 of the series Pioneering Minds Worldwide. An event at Clyde Iron Works, Duluth (part of the First International conference on Teaching and Learning Cultural Entrepreneurship in the USA).
Managing editor: Rene Kooyman, member of the Editorial Committee: Giep Hagoort.
For more information:


2014 November 13, Presentation of the book “Authors and entrepreneurs: a handbook for self-publishing” in Madrid, Spain at the Bubok Bookstore. Author: Gerardo Neugovsen. The book analyzes the impact of digitization on our writing and reading habits and how authors can make use of the Internet for publishing, distributing and selling their own paper and digital books. For more information:


2014, October 30, COOPERATE! Dutch Edition, working conference on cooperative ways of working, Utrecht. An ERTNAM initiative, with Gerardo Neugovsen, Vera de Jong, Giep Hagoort, Rene Kooyman, Betty Kriekaard and Elselien Smit.
Presentation of ‘The Seasons of a Creative Partnership’, by Nelly van der Geest. First edition COOPERATE!-series, initiated by ERTNAM.
Supported by: City of Utrecht, Province of Utrecht, Antwerp University, Rabobank Utrecht, HU, HKU, UU i.a.


2014, May 22-23, Third International research Conference on the Creative and Cultural Industries. Issues: Entrepreneurial Spirit, Knowledge Institutions and Urban Environment, Antwerp Management School, Antwerp University , HKU University of the Arts Utrecht,
With Vera de Jong, Giep Hagoort, Rene Kooyman, Betty Kriekaard and Elselien Smit.
Presentation of the book ‘Beyond Frames. Dynamics between the creative industries, knowledge institutions and the urban context.’ With contributions from Rene Kooyman, Giep Hagoort, Vera de Jong and Elselien Smit.
Supported by: ENCATC, City of Antwerp


2013, June 13-15, Cities. Crisis? Creativity!. International Conference on Modelling Creative Zones, CURE (Creative Urban Renewal in NW Europe) and University Utrecht/HKU, Utrecht.
With Vera de Jong, Giep Hagoort, Rene Kooyman and Betty Kriekaard.